A look into the future.

Radix Media is proud to present Futures: A Science Fiction Series.

This chapbook series explores critical contemporary issues in an imagined future. You’ll find stories about climate change, dystopian politics, animal uprisings, interpersonal relationships, reinvention of the self, and more.

The first story in the series is Always Blue by John Dermot Woods. Always Blue follows the personal struggles of a wind engineer who endures a set of tribulations rooted in his own invention.

John Dermot Woods is a Brooklyn-based writer and cartoonist. His previous works include The Baltimore Atrocities (Coffee House Press, 2014) and Activities (Publishing Genius Press, 2013). John’s work is known for its poetic verse and deep explorations of character. Always Blue is his first work of science fiction.

You can read more about John in October’s Community Spotlight post on our blog.

"Always Blue" by John Dermot Woods, from Futures: A Science Fiction Series

About the Series

Futures: A Science Fiction Series utilizes the chapbook format—a saddle-stitched pamphlet—as a vehicle to explore the stories more fully. Whereas the first project in our publishing program was an anthology, collecting a variety of stories into a single book, this format is more intimate. The chapbooks are thinner and lighter, and when you turn the final page, your journey with that individual story is complete.

Through this format, the reader is more immersed in the stories themselves. We believe that good science fiction reflects the dreams and nightmares of the present day. By exploring the issues contained in these stories, we hope that the reader gains a better understanding of our world today so that they can build the future they want to see.

The Production

We know that good design can take beautiful words to the next level, that’s why we design and print all of our titles in-house. This gives us much more control over the process and allows us to create a more cohesive final product. We strive to make each book an object that is enjoyable to hold and look at, in addition to bringing the reader great content.

Each title in the Futures series will have offset printed interiors, and a two-color letterpress printed cover.

The Titles

Futures is comprised of seven stories that will publish between April and October 2019 as listed below. Check this page periodically for updates as they become available!

Always Blue by John Dermot Woods (April 2019)

Guava Summer by Vera Kurian (May 2019)

Muri by Ashley Shelby (June 2019)

Hard Mother, Spider Mother, Soft Mother by Hal Y. Zhang (July 2019)

What You Call by Germ Lynn (August 2019)

A Point of Honor by Aeryn Rudel (September 2019)

Milo (01001101 01101001 01101100 01101111) by Alexander Pyles (October 2019)