Getting to the root since 2010.

The story of Radix Media began as a tale of two print shops, but would ultimately become much more than that.

A small, worker-owned print shop named OccuCopy was founded in the fall of 2011, one of several worker cooperatives born out of the blossoming Occupy Wall Street movement. They set up shop in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn and became a crucial resource for both the radical and surrounding communities of New York City.

But before that, our story began in the Pacific Northwest in the fall of 2010. Radix Media was founded in Portland, Oregon as a one-person shop with a single offset press. We printed tens of thousands of pages for the creative and social justice communities. We also dipped our toes into independent publishing, putting out zines, posters, greeting cards, and other ephemera that were designed and printed in-house. After a trek across the country in the summer of 2012, Radix settled in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.

Both shops soon realized that we had much in common and decided that one unified print shop was better than two. After working together for almost a year to combine processes and train on new equipment, OccuCopy and Radix Media merged in the summer of 2013 and quickly established a reputation for clear, direct communication, high quality work, and stellar customer service.

In July 2017, we merged with Wasp Poster & Print, a specialty letterpress shop and design studio whose values and dedication to high quality printed matter overlapped with our own. This also greatly expanded our list of services to include larger runs of traditional letterpress as well as foil stamping, die-cutting, embossing, and paper duplexing. In April 2018, we expanded our publishing program with the release of our first title, AFTERMATH: Explorations of Loss & Grief.

It all began with a dream, and a single-color offset press. Photo by Josh Dion.

The workers of Radix Media

The worker-owners of Radix Media outside the shop today, in Brooklyn, New York. Left to right: Sarah, Nick, Lantz. Photo by Morgan Crawford.