Looking for custom design? We’ve got you covered.

Radix Media is your one stop shop for all kinds of print design, including single sheet items such as business cards, postcards, and letterhead, as well as longer documents such as pamphlets and books. Because we’re printers, we have a special kind of insight. Our hands-on knowledge about how your project will print allows us to make particular choices that will give you the best finished product and save you money.

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Logo Design & Print Collateral Layout

Whether you need a logo made from scratch or already have hi-res brand assets for your company, we’ll approach the project with a sharp eye. We’ll advise you on the best specifications for your project and alert you to problem areas that could impact consistency across runs and cost you more money over the long run.

Letterpress Design

We especially love designing for letterpress. We can take your wedding stationery, business card, or poetry broadside to the next level—aside from utilizing the finest photopolymer technology to produce high quality plates, we also have a wonderful collection of both wood and metal type. Make your project stand out with letterpress printing!


Our shop rate will fluctuate depending on the exact details of the job, and whether we are designing as well as printing, or just providing you with digital assets. Because every project is different and every client comes to us with a different set of needs and circumstances, we will ask you a series of questions in order to best gauge how long your project will take and then give you an estimate.

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