The Solar Grid Issue #4


In the wasteland of Earth’s future lurks a strange man with keys to the past.


Radix Media is proud to present issue four of The Solar Grid, a serialized comic by Ganzeer.

In the wasteland of Earth’s future lurks a strange man with keys to the past.

Centuries have gone by, but hazy memories trickle through those years and gnaw at the edges of forgetfulness. Artefacts travel through lost time and resurrect at opportune moments, and unlikely heroes are bound through spirit many decades apart. The fourth issue of Ganzeer’s graphic opus, The Solar Grid, has answers to some of the most pressing mysteries that guide the series—what is the connection between the rebels fighting against Sharif Algebri’s Skyquench and those poor people struggling on Earth’s wasteland five hundred years later? The clue is in the memories.

This issue is every bit as “exhilarating and important” as Corey J. White, author of Void Black Shadow, calls it.

The Solar Grid is another collaboration between Radix Media and Ganzeer, who also illustrated Elliot Colla’s prose poem We Are All Things. The series is part of the Graphic Narrative Collection, funded by a Kickstarter campaign in 2020. For more information on our titles, see our books page.

Purchasing this subscription gets you all ten comics. The Solar Grid will be serialized across ten saddle-stitched comics. Issues 1-5 will run from April 2021–August 2021, and issues 6-10 will run from April 2022–August 2022. Following the project’s completion, we will publish a limited edition box set comprising all ten issues for the most ardent readers to pick up.

What People Are Saying

“Gorgeous political science fiction comics for grown-ups.”

—Saladin Ahmed, Black Bolt

“Protest on a flooded planet, cyborg kids scavenging a ruined Earth, a billionaire technocrat desperate to alter the world to suit his vision. With vibrant and distinct art for each of these linked stories, The Solar Grid is an exhilarating and important slab of sci-fi comix.”

—Corey J. White, Killing Gravity

The Solar Grid is absolutely brilliant, an all-too-realistic glimpse into what would become of Earth were racist settler-colonial technophile powers allowed to endure.”

—Dominic Boyer, Energopolitics: Wind and Power in the Anthropocene

“Panels jut out and the action frequently crashes the gutters, bumping up against an incorporation of fierce design acumen.”

—Dominic Umile, Hyperallergic

“A detailed and dark world filled with thought provoking echoes of our own, and following the money reveals that freedom is an expensive illusion.”

—Heidi MacDonald, The Beat

“This is a story of revolution, the powerless taking power back from the powerful.”

—Aymann Ismail, Slate

“[Ganzeer is] a chameleon and adapts his visuals to the content.”

—Carlo McCormick, Curator / Art Critic

“I could throw some comparisons out there, calling Ganzeer a punk rock Eddie Campbell or a mad summon brought about by Alan Moore’s political work in the 80s. All that, however, would be selling the artist here short.”

—Patrick Larose, Reviewer

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1 in



Saddle-Stitched Comic




July 21, 2021

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