BE THE CHANGE! A Justseeds Coloring Book


Make the revolution bright, colorful, and irresistible!


Imagine a world free of oppression, and built on social justice and community support instead. What would it look like?

Be the Change! is a coloring book of 35 stunning images by the Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, a collective using art and design to envision radical social transformation and pathways towards a more just world. People of all ages will find inspiration here. In a world that is getting faster every day, slow down and celebrate art and resistance. Make the revolution bright, colorful, and irresistible! Together we can be the change we want to see!

See what people are saying:

“I have followed and admired the work of Justseeds for many years and have tremendous amounts of respect for the depth and quality of the collective’s work. Justseeds has pooled together some of the most important art activists of our time and given us the gift of a backpack-sized revolutionary tool. This new coloring book covers so many issues, from climate change to power abuses, colonization to animal rights. One particular image of a child standing atop an old growth tree stump says a thousand words with just one powerful image that will bring tears to your eyes. I imagine Be the Change! will be a treasured tool in the awakening of our world. I can’t wait to study and color in it.” —Jacinta Bunnell, author of The Big Gay Alphabet Coloring Book

“I’m so excited that the Justseeds collective created this coloring book—in collaboration with Radix Media, no less! There is a new movement afoot. One in which our children, those who will live in Khalil Gibran’s ‘House of Tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams,’ will illuminate the way.” —Innosanto Nagara, author of A is For Activist

Be the Change! made me want to sharpen all my colored pencils and get to work with intention.” —Nikki McClure, artist and maker of Share the Future 2019 Calendar

“Art has the power to change lives. We can do more working together than we can do alone. Bring Be the Change! to your work meetings, book readings, friends’ houses and public waiting rooms. And bring crayons to share! Let’s include the young, the old, the caregivers and everyone else working to build a better world together.” —China Martens, author of Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines

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8" x 10"




Saddle-Stitched Booklet




November 30, 2018