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Back in February, we conceived a humble project. To open submissions for a contest that would attract and highlight emerging writers of color, and to use our printing expertise to design and print highly unique books for two winners. The Own Voices Chapbook Prizewith its name borrowed from author Corinne Duyvis’ movement to spotlight and insist on diversity in publishing—was born from that idea. 

For the 2020 iteration of the prize, we decided to celebrate poets who have yet to publish a full-length manuscript. Aria Aber, the author of one of the best poetry collections of 2019 Hard Damage (University of Nebraska Press), who explores place, identity, migration, and the self so vividly, kindly accepted our offer to be the guest judge. 

When we announced the prize, the world was slightly different. The COVID-19 pandemic, while looming, hadn’t yet become serious enough to force us all to shelter-at-home. It would be months before thousands of well-intentioned activists and allies took to the streets to demand Police Reform and insist that Black Lives Matter, in the wake of police brutality. For the last several months, people have suffered at the hands of inaccessible healthcare, armed violence, institutional racism, and transmisogyny. But the solidarity of activists, and the spirit of resistance that has taken over our streets kept us hopeful. 

And so did the submissions that trickled in for the 2020 Own Voices Chapbook Prize. We read work that was evocative, challenging, confrontational, vulnerable, funny, mournful, and optimistic. We had the opportunity to be acquainted with writers who are not just reimagining the scope of form and language, but also the literary landscape. We are grateful for the trust that was levied upon us throughout this process. 

After weeks of difficulty, we were able to draw up a longlist of writers whose work will be in final consideration for the prize. Here are the finalists:

not without small joys by Emmanuel Oppong-Yeboah

Querencia by María José Giménez

Balikbayan by Dujie Tahat

Star Sings Her Lament by Crystal Yeung

BINT by Ghinwa Jawhari

Spells Of My Name by Itiola Jones

Creation Myth by Sreshtha Sen

There is Still Singing in the Afterlife by JinJin Xu

How To Eat The Stars by Moncho Alvarado

Syren by Keenan Smith

Abyss Worn Toward Future by Joseph Jang

Dark Boy Remaining by Marlin Figgins

Now I Have No Book Of Dreams by Sara Elkamel

Partition Homes by Sneha Subramanian

Our Orchards Weep in Silence by Huma Sheikh

Time Regime by Jhani Randhawa

Twerkable Moments by Jason Crawford


Discoball Heart by Aimee Seu

Rome Reaction by Emily Spencer

Light Was by Joumana Altallal

We congratulate all the finalists, and want to thank all the writers whose brilliant work kept us on our toes. We hope you will submit your work to us again, and that we are able to publish many more of you. 

The Own Voices Chapbook Prize winners will be announced in August. 

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