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We are pleased to announce the two winners of the 2020 Own Voices Chapbook Prize:

There Is Still Singing In The Afterlife by JinJin Xu

From judge Aria Aber:

“There Is Still Singing In The Afterlife is a demanding, deeply felt and formally inventive constellation of poems. Resisting the expectations of what poetry should look like, the text rearranges what we know of family, country, and language.”

Publication is set for Fall 2020.

BINT by Ghinwa Jawhari

From judge Aria Aber:

“Dedicated to ‘the girls,’ BINT revolves around the intricate and violent wounds of girlhood. In concise and muscular poems, the author’s vision shines clear as a prism: she sings of lost places, of the body’s frail and wondrous secrets. I was immediately taken with this marvelous voice.”

Publication is set for Spring 2021.

Runners Up

not without small joys by Emmanuel Oppong-Yeboah

From judge Aria Aber:

“If language could sing and dance, here it does––every line is a vivacious and tender ode to being alive. I loved how this poet celebrates and mourns the body and its heritage with skill and devotion.”

Partition Homes by Sneha Subramanian

From judge Aria Aber:

“This chapbook is a clear and gorgeous project—in lyric, narrative and formally experimental poems, the poet recounts the personal and public consequences of the violent history of partition with carefully crafted images and, at times, unforgettable lines.”

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