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Hello everyone! As many of you know, we recently ran a Kickstarter to fund the publication of our newest title, Many Worlds, an exciting project built on cooperative values that really spoke to us. Our Kickstarter campaign raised $14,999 in total, which went a long way to to getting the book in print. Now, we are ready to start sending out rewards to all of our backers, and we are so excited for people to have these books in their hands!

None of this would have been possible without our amazing backers:

A, Aadrial, Aaron Gray, Aaron I. Spielman, Aaron Novik, Agent MAllder, Aldo and Holly, Alex C, Alex Claman, Alexander Pyles, Alisa Eure, Ambrose, Amy, Anahita, Ananda Finwall, Andi Marchal, Andrew Hatchell, Andrew Liptak, Anna Mart, Anon, Anon, Aren Sharp, Ari, Aris Aldrette, Arrien Zinghini, Asa Johnson, Ashaye Brown, Ashleigh F, Autumn V, Aviv, Ayl, Aymann Ismail, Barry D. Scheffel, Becky McHale, Ben Jacobson, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, Brenna, Brian Jenks, Bryan Byers, Bryce, Caitlin Archer-Helke, Caitlin J. Waddick, Carol Mammano, Carrie B, Carson White, Casey Peterson, Caspar Aremi, Cat C, Cathy Green, Chris and Ken, Chris Callihan, Chris Castro, Christ, Christen Bejar, Christine Moon, Claire, Clarissa, Claude C., Cliff Winnig, Colin Wright, Craig Lincoln, Crystal Vega-Huerta, Dan Curtis Johnson, Dan Farrell, Dan Selzer, Daniel Gillis, Daniel Marcus, Daniel Wilson, Danielle JL, Danielle K Bingham, Danny, Dave Agnew, Dave Forman, David “Lone Wolf” Walton, David IV, Bernard and William Assaf, David Remahl, David Ureña and Courtney Libon, Dione Basseri, DJ Arruda, Don’t need one., Drew P, E, Ed Abbott, Elskling min, Elyse, Emily, Emily R., Emily Rainbow Spence, Eric Brelsford, Eric Riha, Flinn Eng, Frank Cetera, Gabriel Wright, Gary Ehrlich, Gene, Giamma-CharlotteAlida-Lily, Gregory Bossert, Gregory M Davies, Harry Keller, Helianthropy, Henry, Henry, HUNT Philanthropy, Ian “Grendel Todd” Grey, Ian K. Hagemann, Ian Tadashi Moore ¡™️, Isa, Isaac, Isabel Walsh, Isabel Yap, Jackie B, Jacob G, Jalyn Fiske, Jamil Thomas, Jamila Rowser, Jason ‘XenoPhage’ Frisvold, Jason S, Jay Wolf, Jeffrey Kusama-Hinte, Jes McCutchen, Jess and Staige, Jess Gersony, JMR, Jocelyne Allen, Joe Plourde, Joeseph Simon, Joey OConnor, John, John, John Dixon, John Dixon^2, John Tsentzelis, John Walters, Johnny, Josh Eure, Josh Legeman, Josh MacPhee, Josh McGinnis, Josh12, Joshua Bellin, Joshum, Josie Neylan, Juddd, Julia Gilstein, Kate Heartfield, Kate L., Keat Teoh, Kelly Snyder, Kelly Washington, Kemper Wray, Ken Coble, Kevin Halstead, Kevin Nguyen, Kiran Bhat, Kirstin Krusell, Kurt Beyerl, Kyle H., L. Kell Reed, Larry Ganni, Laura Blackwell, Lawrence Wang, Levon Mkrtchyan, Lincoln Cushing, Lindsay Clark, Lisa Kimb, Lisa-Marie, Liz Franke, Liz Sinden Pipher, Logan, Lon Lopez, Lowell, LP kindred, Lucia, Luke Seeley, Lulu K, M. E. O’Brien, Mads, makechanges, Maks Schindler, Marcelo D. Viana Neto, Maria Haskins, Marnie Thompson, Martin B., Martin Berger, Martin DeMello, Mary & Cam, Mary Bisbee, Mathieu D’Ordine, Matthew Epperson, Max Millitant, Megan & Luke, Megan Carmody, Megan Myers, Michael, Michael Harte, Mihir Kakara, MiniBabyWhale, MK Bretsch, Mo Manklang Kingston, Mx. Yaffa, Nate Geeting, Nate Swenson, Nausherwan, Nic Grosso, Nicholas Arvelo, Nick Sweeney, Nick Truden, Nina Stender, noam, Nora Murphy, NYM, ogar, Olex P, Olive Panter, Patrick Nafarrete, Perry Halman-Peguillan, Phoebe Wagner, Pistachio Roux, Pluskwa Tomek, PunkARTchick *Ruthenia*, R&J, Rebekah B, Rob, Ron Gaydos, Rus Belikov, Ruth Ann Orlansky, Ryan C, Ryan McCarthy, S N Pitsirilos, Sal Cottrell, Sam Hollis, Scott Crawford, Scott Roy, Sean, Sean, Sean Lobdell, Shannon Clark, Sharmaine, Shawn Z, Sheila Williams, Sid Sondergard, Sirius, Skyler Bunn,, SP Kelly, SRC, Stephanie “Stevie” Foley, Stephanie Altrui, Steve Herrick, Steven Byrd, Steven MacLauchlan, Steven Schw, Stewart Baker, Sullivan Neville, Sulu LeoNimm, summervillain, Susan B., Tanvi, Tara Flint Taylor, Ted, Teresa B. Ardrey, Tessa Late, The Richters, Therese, Thomas Beckett, Thorsten, Tobias Carroll, Tom A., Tom Foster, Tom McCarthy, Torres, Torsa, Toryn, Tushar, Tyler and Annetta Dean, Ute Orgassa, Wendy Shaffer, Will Badger, Ycats, Yealurowluro, Yousef H. Alshammari, Yousuf Abdelfatah, Yusa, Zach Bearinger, Zen Trenholm, Zoe S

Again, a very big thank you to all of our Many Worlds backers for helping us make this project a reality! Note, if you don’t see your name here, it means that you have not filled out your backer survey and so we don’t know what name to credit. Please contact us ASAP and will update this post.

Thank you!

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