We work it, we own it. Together.

Radix Media is currently made up of three dedicated individuals. When you print with us, you are working with the people who will be directly handling your project every step of the way. You can read a little more about the worker-owners of Radix Media below.

Bekah Volinsky

Bekah comes to the shop with a degree in studio arts and a strong background in photography, design, bookmaking, and letterpress printing. She handles most of the pre-press duties at the shop, and with her strong Eagle Eye, not a single orphan nor widow nor severely lacking text margin will ever slip by her. Ever.

Once pre-press is done, she shifts gears into letterpress mode, operating our beautiful Golding Jobber 8×12 platen press. When not at the shop, she loves spending time with her dog, Cowboy, working on her artistic practice, and tending to her houseplants.

Dale Luce

Dale, an Indiana native, moved to New York City from Texas to get involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011. With several other founding members, he launched OccuCopy, a worker-owned print shop that later merged with Radix Media. Dale’s passionate about worker cooperative development and building a future where all workers are owners.

Fueled by a deep love of offset printing, Dale churns out single-color work on our AB Dick 360. He also operates our perfect binder, folder, and various other bindery equipment. And when he’s not doing that, he’s like the shop’s in-house super. Something broken? Dale is there to fix it or make it even better. One way or another, he’ll get it done.

Outside of work, he loves playing drums, biking all over the city, and hanging out with his doggie daughter, Lucy.

Lantz Arroyo

Lantz’s background is in film, video and still photography, and he’s been honing his graphic design skills for over a decade. In 2010, he fell in love with printing during a year-long apprenticeship with another small printer and publisher. He’s had ink in his veins ever since.

In addition to running the two-color offset press and various bindery equipment, Lantz handles the estimating and invoicing at the shop. He’s a pro at finding the most cost-effective way to run a job. Have a tight budget? Ask Lantz for his advice.

He spends his spare time eating too many bagels and trying to convince his toddler to some day become a printer.