The tools of our trade.

In order to give you a better sense of the kind of projects we can print, we have listed our equipment below with some key details about each piece. This list may not be comprehensive at all times, so when in doubt, your best bet is to ask us directly.


Ryobi 3302 Two-Color Offset Press

  • Maximum Sheet Size: 12.5″ x 18″
  • Maximum Image Area: 12.25″ x 17.25″
  • Perfect for: Two-color jobs with tight registration, envelopes, letterhead, posters, booklets, paperback books, magazines, postcards, greeting cards


Xerox C75 Digital Production Press

  • Maximum Sheet Size: 13″ x 19″
  • Maximum Image Area: 12.72″ x 18.9″
  • Perfect for: Lightning fast turnaround for projects including flyers, posters, rally signs, letterhead, business cards, postcards, brochures, stickers, straight black and white printing and full color publications. Best for short runs.


Golding Jobber No. 6 Letterpress

  • Maximum Sheet Size: 8″ x 12″
  • Maximum Image Area:
    • Polymer Plate: 6″ x 10″
    • Handset Type: 6.5″ x 10.5″
  • Perfect for: One and two-color high-end print products like wedding stationery and other special occasion invitations, business cards, greeting cards, personal stationery, bookmarks, menus, coasters, and product packaging. The strengths of letterpress shine in text-based and line-art designs.


  • Martin Yale Folding Machine with Scoring Attachment
  • Plockmatic 102 Bookletmaker with inline face-trimmer
  • BindFast 5 Perfect Binder
  • Challenge Champion 30″ Hydraulic Cutter
  • Akiles WireMac Binding Machine
  • Corner Rounding Machine